Saturday, October 13th, 2012

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 I don't feel like my day's really started until I've had a cup of coffee. I'd like two or three cups of coffee in the morning, really, but one's enough to get me going.
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 Yesterday, I went to Bodacious Burgers in West Sedona with the roommates for their $7 burger and beer deal, since we were low on cash and the food was cheap ;)

The restaurant is kind of like Denny's or Perkins on the inside, but they've got a nice family-oriented atmosphere. They had Oak Creek Brewery beers on tap, so I got an Oak Creek Ale and my brother got the nutty brown, both of which are very good beers. They've got quite a few yummy-looking burgers on their menu, but they give you a regular quarter-pound burger with the special. Next time I eat there, I want to check out their all you can eat salad bar.

The food and the service was very good. I remembered I was supposed to take a picture halfway through eating my food. Oops. I didn't put my lettuce or tomato on it. Yeah, I know, I should eat my vegetables. XD It might look a bit like a fast food burger, but it tastes much better than it looks, especially with beer, and the fries are very good.

Burger, fries, and a beer. Don't bother me, I'm eating 

A little daring

Saturday, October 13th, 2012 03:44 pm
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I was cruising around Cragslist today for my job hunt and decided to check out the personals for platonic relationships. I thought it was pretty nifty, but I didn't e-mail anybody and kind of went about my business online until I was doing a little editing on my Mission 101 list and saw the goal I had to make a new friend.

So I went back to Craigslist and posted an ad for a friend. To my surprise, someone e-mailed me. Let's see where this goes. XD

I'm also working on my goat to listen to the 50 albums that changed music. I'm listening to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band," which I actually sang in middle school choir, lol.

The Craigslist thing is working much better than I anticipated. I'm getting so many responses that I can hardly keep up, lol

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